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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 - Kampo no Niha

October 2019

Designers - Kazuto Kashiwakura and Miki Sato

Construction Team - Tatsuya Shirai, Otis Landscape Associates, Harrison Landscapes, Kawai & Co Ltd

Sponsors - Kampo no Niha 300 sponsors

Designed for a practitioner of Kampo, a system of Japanese herbal medicine, this is a garden that celebrates the route to health and happiness through plants. Each plant has been carefully selected for its health-giving, beneficial qualities, many of which are easily recognisable as common garden plants. There are plants here to help cure a fever, relieve aches and keep the body warm. 


The garden is inspired by the geology of Hokkaido, the most northerly prefecture of Japan and home to the designers. During the long winters, the landscape is dominated by snow-capped mountains, and it is the joyful sound of melting ice that has inspired the design for the rill and pool. A wooden pergola and stone patio provide a space from which to view the landscape.

Images to come!

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