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Bedford, United Kingdom


The proposal is to provide a new crematorium building within a well landscaped setting, which will also be offered as public open space. The facility offers a single service hall, together with all of the necessary auxiliary facilities, including a floral tribute and book of remembrance. OLA’s brief was to create a stimulating and functional landscape setting that would be used and valued by the local community and beyond that respects the surrounding environment with biodiversity enhancement being a core value. The design approach is to reflect a shared aspiration to develop a scheme that integrates the building form into the landscape and responds to opportunities and constraints presented by the site, client and visitors.

Design details

  • Sustainable design includes SUDS drainage, water attenuation, locally sourced plant species coupled with a landscape management to enhance species diversity and ecological richness.
  • Flexible landscape spaces for gatherings or quiet contemplation
  • High percentage of native plant species in appropriate mixes to support and increase the ecological value of the sites location. 
  • Earthworks to screen site from highways and residential properties with extensive tree, hedgerows and boundary planting Attractive formal, informal spaces with Gardens of Remembrance
  • Water features
  • Car parking for up to 150 cars (85 permeable spaces close to crematorium building and 65 reinforced grass overflow)


The sustainable drainage plan focuses on the long term environmental and social decisions regarding the quantity and quality of rain water runoff, whilst managing the runoff volumes and flow rates from hard and soft surfaces within the scheme.A strong focus has been placed on the amenity and aesthetic value of surface water for ecological enhancement and how to future proof the scheme with thoughts on climate change.

Managing rainwater runoff on the sites surfaces also encourages

  • Natural breakdown of some pollutants
  • Protect natural flow regimes in surrounding watercourses
  • Protect and enhance water runoff quality
  • Provide and attractive habitat for wildlife
  • Opportunities for evapotranspiration from vegetation and surface water
  • Encourage natural groundwater/aquifer recharge water

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